Parson Russell Terriers For Sale



Parson Russell Terriers For Sale

Pratsals Parson Russell AKC Russell and FCI Jack Russell Terriers. We have Parson Russell Terriers for sale. Puppies available We speak English and Spanish.

At Pratsals Kennels we are dedicated to betterment of the breeds. FCI Jack Russell (AKC Russell) Parson Russell and Terriers. Our Dogs are working and many are for Therapy, Agility, and Conformation.

We specialize in the betterment of Smooth Coats. Most important our Parson Russell Terriers and Parson Russell puppies are long time pets and companions. AKC and FCI Registered.
Our interests as a dog breeder are in genetics, temperament, and intelligence.

Parson Russell Terriers For Sale

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Tony and Lynda Marie Pratt

By Lynda Marie Pratt