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Pratsals Puppies Litters

Pratsals Puppies Litters
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Pratsals Puppies and Litters maltese puppies

Pratsals Pivin, Philidelphia
I honestly am so happy – if I did not already
have four I would buy more from you
I am happy to be a reference any time for
you and your babies! He is such a STUNNING DOG!
and as sweet as sugar!! And his girls are AMAZING!!!!!
kids Lynda!!! THank you!!   Vanessa
Pratsals Puppies and Litters pitbull puppies for sale

Pratsals Jolie, Temecula California
Hi Lynda.  I just want to tell you that
Jolie received several compliments from
dog owners today on her wonderful
temperament and personality. So many
people said she is so good and does not
act hyper like most Parson/Jack Russells.
One lady was very interested in where I
got her from.  I told her about Pratsals
She is becoming a very calm and obedient
dog, I’m very proud of her.  Jessica

  Pratsals Starr, Brazil Owner: border terrier puppies for sale

Pratsals Starr, Brazil  Owner:
Vinícius Margon Comper says…
Starr is doing really great (as usual).
She is such a lovely dog, you have no idea!
She’s a kind of my mom’s “shadow” and this is
really funny. My mom and Starr are inseparable……
I’m always following your website to check
the “new arrivals”. One day
I’ll get another puppy from you for sure 🙂Pratsals Peaches, jack russells puppies for sale

Pratsals Peaches,
1st place winner.
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